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The Brides of Dracula

Three vamps you should never piss off

Dracula's Brides
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This is a comminut for fans of Dracula's Brides Verona, Marishka, and Aleera from the movie, Van Helsing. Whether you only love one of them, or all three, feel free to join. A few rules though:

1. Do not bash any of the brides, though you may say what you did or did not like about any of them or all of them, as long as you say it politely and do admit that it is your own opinion.

2. Do not antagonize ANYONE.

3. Keep the posts on topic. You may discuss Dracula in this comminuty in relation to the brides, but if it does not deal wtih the brides at all (Anna doesn't count as a bride, even if many people wanted her to be one) then it does count as off topic. There is a community dedicated to Van Helsing's Dracula if you wish to discuss him.

4. Pimping is allowed, as long as it's on topic. If you have a group, fanlisting, fan site, rpg, anything that deals with the brides, it is allowed to be pimped once. If there have been updates made, you are allowed to announce that as well.

5. At the moment, fan art (icons, wallpapers, banners, etc.) is allowed, but fanfiction is not. I might perhaps allow it in the future, but for now, do not post any fanfiction. Do not pester me to allow it, please.

6. Don't swear. I would like to keep the community free of cursing.

And that is all. Join and feel free to post about Dracula's Brides!